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  1. How do you pronounce Acerra?
  2. What ethnicity is the name Acerra?
  3. What are similar names to Acerra?
  4. What words does Acerra rhyme with?

How to pronouce, type, and say Acerra

See how to say, spell, type, and pronounce Acerra.

How to pronouce Acerra

Acerra ARPAbet pronounciation: AH0 S EH1 R AH0

Acerra IPA pronounciation: əˈsɛrə

How to spell and type Acerra

Acerra in readable ASCII: acerra

Acerra in hex: acerra

What does Acerra rhyme with?

English words that rhyme with Acerra.

The name Acerra rhymes with:

aguilera altera asamera avera barbera
bardera barrera basara beara bera
berra bonasera bopera butera cabrera
calcaterra caldeira caldera caldera canberra
canterra cara cartera casera cera
cerra cervera chimera clara correira
costeira darragh deherrera devera elvera
emera enterra era erra escalera
farah farrah fera ferra ferrera
fichera figueira financiera fodera frontera
gera guayabera guerra guerrera guidera
hara herrera hespera higuera imcera
inserra kara kera kuchera kundera
kyocera kyocera labarbera lallera leora
lepera luera macera madera mancera
mangueira mascara matera mattera mezera
minera moreira morera morjera mosquera
naira najera neira nocera o'hara
ohara olivera olvera oseguera pantera
para patera pereira perera pereyra
perreira portera primavera privitera prospera
provera ranchera ribera rivera riviera
sahara sara sarah scalera sequeira
serra severa sferra sierra silveira
silvera spera sutera svizzera tabacalera
tara tavera teixeira tenera terre
texeira thera tigera valera vaquera
vera vespera vieira vieyra vinciguerra
xaviera zera

What ethnicity is the name Acerra?

Global data on the ethnicity of the name Acerra.

What ethnicity is someone with the name Acerra likely to be?

  • Acerra has a 0.15% chance of being East Asian
  • Acerra has a 0.08% chance of being Japanese
  • Acerra has a 0.43% chance of being South Asian
  • Acerra has a 1.03% chance of being African
  • Acerra has a 0.30% chance of being Muslim
  • Acerra has a 12.88% chance of being British
  • Acerra has a 0.10% chance of being Eastern European
  • Acerra has a 4.00% chance of being Jewish
  • Acerra has a 5.60% chance of being French
  • Acerra has a 1.12% chance of being Germanic
  • Acerra has a 16.02% chance of being Hispanic
  • Acerra has a 57.80% chance of being Italian
  • Acerra has a 0.48% chance of being Nordic

What names are similar to the name Acerra?

Find similar names to Acerra.