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  1. How do you pronounce Abram?
  2. How popular is the name Abram?
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  4. Is Abram a boys name?
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  7. What words does Abram rhyme with?

How to pronouce, type, and say Abram

See how to say, spell, type, and pronounce Abram.

How to pronouce Abram

Abram ARPAbet pronounciation: AH0 B R AE1 M

Abram IPA pronounciation: əˈbræm

How to spell and type Abram

Abram in readable ASCII: abram

Abram in hex: abram

What does Abram rhyme with?

English words that rhyme with Abram.

The name Abram rhymes with:

alam am bahm bam beacham
bram burcham cam camm cham
clam cram dahm dam damm
damme damn dirlam dram durham
exam flam flamm frahm fram
gahm gamm glam graeme graham
gram gramm hahm ham hamm
hamme jam jamb kam kamm
klamm kram kramm kramme kvam
kvamme laflam laflamme lahm lam
lamb lambe lamm lamme ma'am
madame mcclam mcham mclamb nahm
nam pam panam pham plam
quamme rahm ram ramm sahm
sam scam schram schramm scram
sham siam slam spam sram
sram stam stamm stram swam
t-lam tam tamm tham tram
vandam vandamme wham wham yam

Where is the name Abram popular?

See what countries the name Abram is most popular in.

A person named Abram is likely from one of the following countries:

Can Abram be a boys name?

See where Abram is used as a boys name.

Abram is sometimes used as a boys name in the following countries:

Abram popularity by country

See how popular Abram is for boys or girls in 1 country data sets.

How popular is Abram in United States as a boys name?
In 2018 Abram was the 433rd most popular boys name in United States.

Abram boys name rank in United States

What ethnicity is the name Abram?

Global data on the ethnicity of the name Abram.

What ethnicity is someone with the name Abram likely to be?

  • Abram has a 0.19% chance of being East Asian
  • Abram has a 0.35% chance of being Japanese
  • Abram has a 0.69% chance of being South Asian
  • Abram has a 1.21% chance of being African
  • Abram has a 16.03% chance of being Muslim
  • Abram has a 5.37% chance of being British
  • Abram has a 3.53% chance of being Eastern European
  • Abram has a 60.37% chance of being Jewish
  • Abram has a 1.41% chance of being French
  • Abram has a 1.49% chance of being Germanic
  • Abram has a 6.78% chance of being Hispanic
  • Abram has a 2.03% chance of being Italian
  • Abram has a 0.56% chance of being Nordic

Abram Probabilities

Gender, generation, birth year, and other predictions for the name Abram.

What is the most common profile of a person named Abram

Someone with the name Abram was most likely born in 2015.

Someone with the name Abram is most likely to be male.

Someone with the name Abram is most likely from this generation: Generation Z.

What names are similar to the name Abram?

Find similar names to Abram.