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  1. How do you pronounce Abilene?
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How to pronouce, type, and say Abilene

See how to say, spell, type, and pronounce Abilene.

How to pronouce Abilene

Abilene ARPAbet pronounciation: AE1 B IH0 L IY2 N

Abilene IPA pronounciation: ˈæbɪˌlin

How to spell and type Abilene

Abilene in readable ASCII: abilene

Abilene in hex: abilene

What does Abilene rhyme with?

English words that rhyme with Abilene.

The name Abilene rhymes with:

aberdeen acetylene acrolein adenine adenosine
albertine algemene alkene allene amphetamine
aniline antisubmarine antisubmarine apennine ardene
argentine arlene aronstein aubergine augustine
augustine azidothymidine azidothymidine balanchine bartlestein
bergstein biocine boeschenstein borenstein brandenstein
braunstein brillstein bromine bronstein brownstein
buckstein buprenorphine burnstein byzantine caesarean
calgene carlene carotene celimene chimerine
chloroprene clementine clonidine constantine contravene
cooperstein copper-green crumrine cyanazine cyclosporine
darleen darlene dobberstein dramamine dryclean
duberstein eckstein edelstein egbertine elbertine
eleen elephantine ellene emerine eocene
epstein ernestine ethene ethylene europeenne
evaleen evergreen feinstein feuerstein fierstein
finkelstein fleckenstein florentine fluorine fluorine
frankenstein fromstein gabardine gasoline georgene
gladstein glickstein glucosamine glycine goberstein
gold-green goldenstein goldstein goodstein grabenstein
grassgreen greenstein grinstein grubstein grudenstein
guanine guillotine guillotine hammerstein hartenstein
hartstein heseltine hexachlorophene histamine histidine
holstein hornstein hydrazine hygiene imogene
internecine isoprinosine jayewardene josephine kathlene
kerosene konstantin labyrinthine libertine lichtenstein
limousine lipstein listerine lowenstein magazine
magdalene mangosteen marlene maybelline mcelveen
mcilveen mcilveen melamine mescaline methazine
methylene mezzanine millstein milstein miocene
monagene mujahadeen murine muscatine naphthalene
neoprene neoprene newsmagazine nicotine nothstein
nutriclean oligocene olivine on-screen oncogene
opaline orange-green orlene osteen overseen
paleocene pearlstein pentamidine peregrine pfundstein
philippine philistine phillipine plasticine pleistocene
pliocene polyacetylene polybutylene polyethylene polypropylene
polystyrene protein prunskiene pyroxene quarantine
ramstein rosenstein rubinstein rutstein safferstein
schottenstein scopolamine scopolamine sharlene silberstein
silverstein smokescreen soybean springsteen stufflebean
styrene submarine subroutine susswein texstyrene
thymidine toluene tourmaline undine valentin
valvoline vanderveen vaseline velveteen viagene
vitarine vogelstein walgreen wallenstein wallerstein
wasserstein weinstein wetstein wettergreen wintergreen
wintersteen winterstein zumstein

What does the name Abilene mean?

Literal translations for the name Abilene.

What does Abilene mean in English?

Abilene n 1: a city in central Texas 2: a town in central Kansas to the west of Topeka; home of Dwight D. Eisenhower

What ethnicity is the name Abilene?

Global data on the ethnicity of the name Abilene.

What ethnicity is someone with the name Abilene likely to be?

  • Abilene has a 0.17% chance of being East Asian
  • Abilene has a 0.13% chance of being Japanese
  • Abilene has a 0.21% chance of being South Asian
  • Abilene has a 40.53% chance of being African
  • Abilene has a 4.08% chance of being Muslim
  • Abilene has a 8.55% chance of being British
  • Abilene has a 1.74% chance of being Eastern European
  • Abilene has a 5.22% chance of being Jewish
  • Abilene has a 30.73% chance of being French
  • Abilene has a 0.89% chance of being Germanic
  • Abilene has a 5.24% chance of being Hispanic
  • Abilene has a 1.75% chance of being Italian
  • Abilene has a 0.76% chance of being Nordic

Abilene Probabilities

Gender, generation, birth year, and other predictions for the name Abilene.

What is the most common profile of a person named Abilene

Someone with the name Abilene was most likely born in 2015.

Someone with the name Abilene is most likely from this generation: Generation Z.

What names are similar to the name Abilene?

Find similar names to Abilene.