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  1. How do you pronounce Abdul?
  2. How popular is the name Abdul?
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  4. Is Abdul a boys name?
  5. What ethnicity is the name Abdul?
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  7. What words does Abdul rhyme with?

How to pronouce, type, and say Abdul

See how to say, spell, type, and pronounce Abdul.

How to pronouce Abdul

Abdul ARPAbet pronounciation: AE0 B D UW1 L

Abdul IPA pronounciation: æbˈdul

How to spell and type Abdul

Abdul in readable ASCII: abdul

Abdul in hex: abdul

What does Abdul rhyme with?

English words that rhyme with Abdul.

The name Abdul rhymes with:

apostolopoul baiul bellefeuille boole boule
bruehl brule buehl buel buhl
cool coole cruel drogoul drool
dual duell duell dule dzhambul
fool fuel ghoul gurule home-school
hoole istanbul jewel joule juel
jule kool kreul kurnool luelle
makhoul mccool misrule muehl mule
nepool o'toole old-school pool poole
poul preschool rahul rantoul raoul
raul retool reul reule rhule
ruel ruhul rule school schuele
spool sproule sproull spruell spruiell
spruill stool supercool tool toole
tuel tuell tuyle uncool vipul
who'll you'll yuill yuille yule

Where is the name Abdul popular?

See what countries the name Abdul is most popular in.

Can Abdul be a boys name?

See where Abdul is used as a boys name.

Abdul popularity by country

See how popular Abdul is for boys or girls in 2 country data sets.

How popular is Abdul in United States as a boys name?
In 1998 Abdul was the 970th most popular boys name in United States.

Abdul boys name rank in United States

How popular is Abdul in United Kingdom as a boys name?
In 2018 Abdul was the 191st most popular boys name in United Kingdom.

Abdul boys name rank in United Kingdom

What ethnicity is the name Abdul?

Global data on the ethnicity of the name Abdul.

What ethnicity is someone with the name Abdul likely to be?

  • Abdul has a 0.33% chance of being East Asian
  • Abdul has a 0.02% chance of being Japanese
  • Abdul has a 3.42% chance of being South Asian
  • Abdul has a 4.36% chance of being African
  • Abdul has a 89.82% chance of being Muslim
  • Abdul has a 0.65% chance of being British
  • Abdul has a 0.07% chance of being Eastern European
  • Abdul has a 0.08% chance of being Jewish
  • Abdul has a 0.29% chance of being French
  • Abdul has a 0.17% chance of being Germanic
  • Abdul has a 0.60% chance of being Hispanic
  • Abdul has a 0.06% chance of being Italian
  • Abdul has a 0.14% chance of being Nordic

Abdul Probabilities

Gender, generation, birth year, and other predictions for the name Abdul.

What is the most common profile of a person named Abdul

Someone with the name Abdul was most likely born in 1997.

Someone with the name Abdul is most likely to be male.

Someone with the name Abdul is most likely from this generation: Generation Z.

What names are similar to the name Abdul?

Find similar names to Abdul.