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  1. How do you pronounce Abate?
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How to pronouce, type, and say Abate

See how to say, spell, type, and pronounce Abate.

How to pronouce Abate

Abate ARPAbet pronounciation: AH0 B EY1 T

Abate IPA pronounciation: əˈbeɪt

How to spell and type Abate

Abate in readable ASCII: abate

Abate in hex: abate

What does Abate rhyme with?

English words that rhyme with Abate.

The name Abate rhymes with:

ablate actuate ate await aydt
bait bate beit belate berate
cate chait coate collate commutate
conflate conjugate crate create date
debate deflate demodulate desecrate desecrate
dictate dilate disinflate eight elate
equate estate fait fate feight
fete first-rate frate freight gait
gate grate great haight hait
hate inflate innate interrelate interstate
intrastate irate iwate kate kuwait
late leight lightweight mate mccreight
mcfate misstate misstate multistate nate
negate oblate ornate overate overrate
overweight pait pate plait plate
postdate predate predate procreate prorate
rait raitt rate recreate recriminate
reflate reinstate relate relate remunerate
restate sate sedate silverplate skate
slate solid-state spate speight stagflate
state straight strait strate streight
sumgait tait taite taitt tate
telerate trait translate translate tri-state
underrate update upstate wait waite
waitt wayt weight whate

What does the name Abate mean?

Literal translations for the name Abate.

What does Abate mean in English?

abate v 1: make less active or intense [syn: {slake}, {abate}, {slack}] 2: become less in amount or intensity; "The storm abated"; "The rain let up after a few hours" [syn: {abate}, {let up}, {slack off}, {slack}, {die away}]

What does Abate mean in Italian?

abate abbot

What ethnicity is the name Abate?

Global data on the ethnicity of the name Abate.

What ethnicity is someone with the name Abate likely to be?

  • Abate has a 0.35% chance of being East Asian
  • Abate has a 3.93% chance of being Japanese
  • Abate has a 0.28% chance of being South Asian
  • Abate has a 63.59% chance of being African
  • Abate has a 12.09% chance of being Muslim
  • Abate has a 4.70% chance of being British
  • Abate has a 0.14% chance of being Eastern European
  • Abate has a 2.13% chance of being Jewish
  • Abate has a 2.99% chance of being French
  • Abate has a 0.86% chance of being Germanic
  • Abate has a 3.07% chance of being Hispanic
  • Abate has a 5.23% chance of being Italian
  • Abate has a 0.64% chance of being Nordic

What names are similar to the name Abate?

Find similar names to Abate.